Of Course you can do our obstacle course! This HappyFest course was designed so that every person - from first time obstacle course participants to runners, athletes and experienced OC participators, can do it and enjoy it. Our obstacles are challenging but, first and foremost, they are FUN! Most importantly, each obstacle has at least one "inclusive" and "wheelchair accessible" option, which means that if an obstacle seems too daunting for you - or if you have a physical limitation that limits you from doing that particular obstacle, then you can choose the alternative option (right next to the daunting one). So for example, while your family member or teammate is giving it their all and climbing up the rope to ring the bell, you may be pulling the bell down to you - both of you can ring that bell and both of you can feel challenged and have fun doing it. And keep in mind, if you don't feel comfortable even doing the inclusive option, then don't. Go around it and head to the next obstacle. We are not keeping score!

This is all about the fun and the joy of togetherness - we think this is the very first event EVER ANYWHERE that encourages every member of our families, friends, teams, co-workers, and neighbors to do something TOGETHER.

So again, the short answer, "Yes, you can do it!"

Email us at happyfestusa@gmail.com or call 888-593-0087

HappyFest t-shirt, race bib, awesome medal, bubble finish, and admittance to live music festival.

No. HappyFest is a Happy to Be Alive Day, Inc (HTBAD) event. HTBAD, Inc is a Public Benefit Corporation. Public Benefit Corporations are for-profit corporations whose main corporate purpose is to create a positive impact on society and the environment. It is our goal to inspire fitness, bring people together, including people with physical limitations and disabilities and help raise money and awareness for children's causes.

We are fiercely committed to making the world a better, happier place. Registrants can raise money by setting up a Crowdrise page during registration or at this link

We designed HappyFest to encourage fitness, inclusion and acceptance. There are very few events that people of all ages can do together, whether they are a young child, a teenager (or person of any age) that requires an ambulatory device or a grandparent, or ANYBODY else. We are proud to say that HappyFest includes people from diverse communities and we have hosted many participants from the autism community, developmental disability community, wheelchair athletes and many more.

Obstacle Course Racing is the fastest growing sport in American history. However, these events are mostly attended by adults in excellent physical condition and unfortunately, they exclude a large majority of our community members by their design and level of difficulty (not by ideology). We love these OCR's and recognize how much people love to participate in them. However, we also recognize the need for fun fitness events for "the rest of us." That's how HappyFest was born. We wanted to participate together and close the gap between people while having a truly memorable day.

We added the Festival because, typically, people participate in athletic events and go straight to their cars. We wanted the fun to continue after you conquered the Course. The Festival will include live music, games and food (and hopefully some unexpected surprises). So let's enjoy more than the course together; let's hang out for a while, celebrate our victories, and get to know each other a little better.

All ages!

All children must be accompanied on the obstacle course by a parent or guardian (that is also registered to be on the course) at all times.

We want to make sure everyone can do the course.Contact us and we will provide a guide discount.

Go for it! Have fun! Wear team shirts, shirts that make you laugh, costumes that make us laugh. Dress up like Spiderman. The only thing we ask is: don't wear clothes that hang down and can get caught on an obstacle.

Sorry! We can't even explain how much we love our dog - still, he can't come. For everyone's safety, only certified service dogs can be on the course and at the Festival. Maybe we can design a future event that will include our best friends (and by that, I mean our dogs.)

Right now we are not doing a packet pick up in the days before HappyFest. Instead everyone will check-in on May 12th before their wave. If there is a packet pick up, details will be emailed.

Chances are good. We'll have race photographers but it doesn't guarantee that you will have your picture taken. You might want to have one of your teammates take a picture of you conquering the obstacles.

No, No, No. It's about participation and togetherness. We hope that you are challenged but we are NOT keeping score or time.

Sorry. We cannot issue refunds. The cost and logistics of setting up and planning the event make refunds impossible.

For $15 you can transfer your registration to another person.

We strive to keep the cost of participation reasonable. Here's the layout of fees so there are no surprises: 1) We pass on a $5/person insurance fee. 2) Registration fees charged by our registration site, Ticketsocket.com. 3) The venue charges $10/vehicle for parking.

Entrance to the festival is free for all registrants. There will be free fitness classes at the festival. Some optional activities at the Festival may charge a small fee.

We want this special day to last. At the festival, you can listen to live bands, eat food, play some games and participate in some off-course short fitness programs and events. If your wave is later in the day, by all means just come early and hang out at the festival before your wave is called.

Yes - the venue charges $10/car.

This is an alcohol-free event (no, that doesn't mean you get free alcohol!). We will not serve and you cannot bring alcohol.

It is very unlikely the event will be cancelled for bad weather. If it's raining, we'll dance in the rain! If there is really severe weather in the area, like a terrible hurricane, check our website.

We are so proud that HappyFest has already hosted participants from so many diverse communities including the autism community, the developmental disability community, wheelchair athletes and so many more. We will always strive to attain our goal of inclusiveness.