Ambassador Program

Ambassador Program

HappyFest is a truly special, unique event and we need you to help us build the energy and momentum that makes this joyous, inclusive fitness event work.

We are looking for motivated people who will help spread the word and engage others who would not otherwise know that this new, inclusive event exists.  We can build the event, but the way to spread the word is through YOU!


We hope that you will help us spread the word and share our passion for inclusion.  We also recognize that engaging others can be fun but takes effort.  HappyFest will thank our Ambassadors in the following ways:

  • For every 5 people who register, we will refund you one ticket (this is offered to everyone on our general registration platform); plus
  • We will give you a special code for you to disseminate that gives everyone who signs up using your code 15% off; plus
  • For every 10 people who sign up with your code, you get a HappyFest baseball cap; plus
  • For every 20 people who sign up, we will give you a $50 Modell’s gift certificate; plus
  • Social media love (shoutouts, reposts, shares)
  • Recognition at HappyFest; plus
  • HappyFest Ambassador badge for your social media/emails/blogs
  • Special VIP check-in for your team/friends & family
  • I don’t know, YOU TELL US, what else can we do for you??


As a HappyFest Ambassador, we ask that you please share the word through email, social media, and by disseminating event flyers in your communities, such as:

Your Community Groups

We each have our own groups through the schools, towns, churches/synagogues, community support groups (for us it’s bleeding disorder groups, adoption groups, etc, each of us has our own). Let your girls and boys scout know!

Your Friends

You probably know which of your friends, once they know you are going, would like to go (and then your friends who may need some nudging but who would really love it).  Please contact them directly.

Your Famliy

As it is the day before Father’s Day, it is a great way to engage immediate and extended family to spend a joyous morning together.

Social Media

Please post, post and re-post.

Share our posts!

Ambassadors, please fill out the following form: