Saturday, Oct 13th, is the DAY!

Celebrate by coming to HappyFest and making a lifetime memory!

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Your family and friends will joyfully cross through our bubble finish TOGETHER. HappyFest Obstacle Course is designed for people of all fitness levels and ages and the course is also wheelchair and autism friendly.

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Our festival starts around 10 a.m. with free fitness classes, live music, games and all sorts of entertainment. A great opportunity for more TOGETHER time!

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HAPPYFEST is deeply grateful to our military and their families. We are thrilled that we can finally do more than say “thank you.” For each of our events, we donate 100 tickets to the military and their families so they can enjoy a day of inclusion, joy and family togetherness.

HAPPYFEST is also linked to Crowdrise so registrants can choose to raise money for any approved Crowdrise foundation.

Oct 13th, 2018, Holmdel, NJ

Registration is open. Get Registered Today.

Obstacle course race for all ages and abilities in NJ- Oct 13, 2018.

The obstacle course will be a 1 mile+ course which is fun and challenging for all. The Obstacle Course will include rope climbs, slides, walls and hurdles. Each obstacle is either accessible or has an option right next to it that is accessible, so that participants can choose which one they prefer for that obstacle. Physical Therapists and Athletic Trainers from NJ Spine and Wellness will be on the course assisting participants. Whichever obstacle option you choose, you will stay TOGETHER on the course with your friends and family members and have a fun, safe, challenging and joyful experience.

All About HAPPYFEST Oct 13, 2018

HappyFest Obstacle Course & Festival is the First Ever All-Ages, All-Abilities, Wheelchair Accessible Obstacle Course and Festival. We aim to provide a day of fun for families and friends and the opportunity for everyone to participate in the fastest growing sport in American History - the Obstacle Course. Our obstacles are designed to be challenging and fun but don't worry, you will not be walking through fire, slogging through mud pits, or swimming in ice-cold water. This is a FUN event and includes all of our family and friends. In fact, we are the first obstacle course in the country that will provide each obstacle with a wheelchair accessible option so we can ALL participate together. After the one-plus mile course, let's all hang out together and enjoy Live Music, Food and Games. It will truly be an awesome day!

HappyFest is Saturday, Oct 13, 2018
Sign up for waves at 10am, 10:30am or 11am. The Festival will run from 10am-1pm. Enjoy the festival before and/or after your wave.

Vonage Campus, 23 Main Street
Holmdel, NJ
(Click here for directions)

HappyFest works very hard to make its prices competitive and "family-friendly". Moreover, we recognize the need for large families and groups to have special pricing, which we have for families/teams of 4 or more. In addition, the earlier you sign up, the better the price. This is because the earlier registrations make it easier for us to plan and also to pay our vendors. The day of the event, tickets will be $49/adult and children 13 and over and $39/child, ages 3-12.

HappyFest is also excited to offer the opportunity for registrants to get their ticket refunded and go for free! After you register, you will get a link to share on social media and we will refund the price of one ticket for every 5 people who use your personal promocode to purchase their HappyFest tickets! So if 20 people sign up with your Code, your entire family of four will participate at HappyFest for free!

• Additional fees: This year there will be no insurance fee, however there will be a registration fee charged by TicketSocket.
• $10/vehicle for parking, charged by the venue

HappyFest is designed to inspire family fitness, togetherness and inclusion. We are so excited to bring the fun and challenge of obstacle courses to everyone. We encourage families, friends and groups to do the course TOGETHER. Please contact us for any questions at all.

Please also know that while the course is designed to be fun and challenging for all, this is NOT hard core and it is not a longer and tougher course. But for those of you who are hard core and want the chance to do an obstacle course with the rest of your friends and family who stay home while you go off to do the courses, this will put a smile on everyone's face and be a day of joy, together.

The course is 1+ mile with obstacles at least every 1/10 of a mile. Obstacles will include the tire run, rope climb, challenge wall, balance beam, ramps, hurdles and more. Every single obstacle has an alternative accessible option for anyone who chooses. We recognize that people can often do some of the traditional obstacles and not others, and whatever you choose to do will be fun and you will do it TOGETHER.

The course is designed so that it's for all ages - grandparents doing the course with their children and grandchildren - and all abilities - whether someone has a visible or invisible disability - to do and cross the finish line TOGETHER.

We are so proud that HappyFest has already hosted participants from so many diverse communities including the autism community, the developmental disability community, wheelchair athletes and so many more. We will always strive to attain our goal of inclusiveness.

HappyFest loves and appreciates our volunteers. We need many volunteers for this to be a safe, successful event. Areas of need are physical and occupational therapists to assist on the course, photographers, videographers, and of course, volunteers to help with set-up, day of event and break down. Please register to volunteer and contact us with any questions at all at Thank you!!!


HappyFest - with a name like this, you can't help but smile. Get yourself registered for this special day with your friends and family. It will be a day of joy and memories.


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The Inspiration Behind HappyFest

The Inspiration Behind HappyFest We designed HappyFest to encourage fitness, inclusion and acceptance. There are very few events that people of all ages can do together, whether they are a young child, a teenager (or person of any age) that requires an ambulatory device or a grandparent, or ANYBODY else. We are so proud that HappyFest has already hosted members from so many diverse communities such as the autism community, the developmental disability community, wheelchair athletes and so many more. We are working hard to attain our goal of true inclusiveness. We are so proud that HappyFest has already hosted participants from so many diverse communities including the autism community, the developmental disability community, wheelchair athletes and so many more. We will always strive to attain our goal of inclusiveness.

Obstacle Course Racing is the fastest growing sport in American history. However, these events are mostly attended by adults in excellent physical condition and unfortunately, they exclude a large majority of our community members by their design and level of difficulty (not by ideology). We love these OCR's and recognize how much people love to participate in them. However, we also recognize the need for fun fitness events for "the rest of us." That's how HappyFest was born. We wanted to participate together and close the gap between people while having a truly memorable day.

We added the Festival because, typically, people participate in athletic events and go straight to their cars. We wanted the fun to continue after you conquered the Course. The Festival will include live music, games and food (and hopefully some unexpected surprises). So let's enjoy more than the course together; let's hang out for a while, celebrate our victories, and get to know each other a little better.

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