Employee Wellness

Employee Wellness

HappyFest is passionate about fitness for everyone. We want every participant to be challenged and we want you all to conquer the challenge together with your friends, family members and co-workers.   In fact, we believe that HappyFest is a perfect complement for Employee wellness programs.  While competitive fitness events such as 5Ks can be intimidating for some co-workers (I know, I used to feel like I was the weakest link and did not want to hold my work team back and I really didn’t want anyone to know how slow I was!), HappyFest is not timed and not competitive.  It is a 1+ mile course where every single obstacle has an alternative option.  So you go at your own pace, challenge yourself at the level where you feel comfortable, and most importantly, you can stay together as a team and have fun.  Also, this is for all ages and abilities, so some employers choose to encourage employees to bring their families so they don’t need to decide between family time and work on a Saturday.

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We have changed our Venue.

Vonage Campus, 23 Main Street, Holmdel, NJ

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